The Renault network is committed to making your life easier

Renault Confidence

Renault Service takes care of everything for your peace of mind and safety. By entrusting maintenance and repair of your Renault to us, you can rest assured that everything will be quick and easy: teams to listen to you and advise you, high-quality Renault genuine spare parts and tailored solutions regardless of the task in hand or the age of your car.

The best service quality for you

Renault advice and expertise

With Renault Service, we do everything to ensure your peace of mind: local presence, speed, quality and reliability guide our teams in everything they do.

The Renault network commitment

Our commitments have just one aim: your satisfaction and peace of mind.

- A clear, transparent quotation before any work is carried out
- A solution appropriate to the age of your car
- Parts fitted are guaranteed by Renault
- Precise information on the progress of work on your Renault
- Work completed without your agreement done at no cost
- A courtesy car to keep you moving
- A one-year parts and labour warranty for all work performed by us
- Your car returned on time and at the agreed price

Protect your performance, prolong your peace of mind!

Renault Genuine Spare Parts

Complete safety and performance maintained for your Renault: Renault genuine spare parts are designed to very strict specifications and continuously tested in our test centres.

The advantages of Renault genuine spare parts

  • Safety: 5,000 tests a year to guarantee you the quality of genuine Renault parts
  • Environment: recycled materials or materials chosen for their suitability for recycling
  • Innovation: 700 patents filed each year to give your Renault the most effective solutions
  • Quality: 600 engineers and technicians to design materials and manufacturing processes of the highest quality
  • Design: perfect geometry for aesthetics, aerodynamics and fitting speed
  • Service: one-year parts and labour warranty for repairs carried out in Renault workshops + 12-year anti-corrosion warranty for all sheet metal parts.

Now and in the future, drive with confidence thanks to Renault warranties

Renault warranties

Peace of mind and ease of use: we have designed Renault warranties to make life with your Renault great. Purchase warranty or extended warranty, warranty on repairs or maintenance... There is a warranty for you and your Renault.

Warranty and Assistance

  • The Vehicle Warranty:  Renault guarantees the new vehicles of its range against any defect relating to the material fitting or manufacture fault.               
  • The Anticorrosion Warranty: Renault guarantees the bodywork and sub-frame of all vehicles of its range against the perforation of the sheet coming from the interior of the vehicle due to corrosion related to a manufacturing, material or application of protection products defect.
  • The Paintwork Warranty: Renault guarantees the paintwork of the bodywork and painted components (such as rear mirrors, original spoiler) on the vehicles of its range, which suffer from paint defects as a result of defective materials or workmanship.   
  • The Duration of Renault Warranty: RENAULT range are covered by the Vehicle Warranty, the anticorrosion warranty and the paintwork Warranty, during the periods shown in the summary below:


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