999,000,000 VND


1,099,000,000 VND


Dynamic silhouette and strong character!

The Renault ARKANA crossover coupe is a car created from scratch. Everything is new, from body design to interior ergonomics. The car is a symbol of emotions and reliability - experience it yourself!


Capture your soul at first sight

The exterior design enchants with its bold lines and special French charm. Bold design makes it memorable and original, while protection liners, short overhangs and large wheel arches provide additional assurance while driving.


In the city and beyond

The nature of the urban crossover Renault ARKANA is complemented by a thirst for adventure and inherent family-friendly traits in all Renault cars - practicality and reliability. This makes the new crossover coupe a comfortable ride both in the city and beyond.

Driver-focused design

The expressive look of Renault ARKANA extends to the interior. Everything revolves around the driver: thoughtful ergonomics of the center console, intuitive layout of the controls, the new EASY LINK multimedia system - everything is within your reach!


New platform

The innovative crossover coupe is based on a new generation modular SUV platform. This may need change, as "more than 55%" + 45% can't be equal to 100% are time-tested solutions that have earned exceptional praises from Renault buyers.

Innovation starting from the heart

The Arkana engine has a 1.6L cylinder capacity, naturally aspirated, produces 114 horsepower and Front-Wheel Drive . It has passed reliability tests with unprecedented results, both in bench tests and on the road

Made for Vietnam

The off-road character of the Renault ARKANA is embodied in its exterior.  Excellent geometric cross-country ability, high ground clearance of 205 mm and steel engine underbody will help to cope with difficult road conditions.


Off-road character

The off-road character of the Renault ARKANA is embodied in its exterior.  Excellent body geometry, high ground clearance and steel engine underbody protection give extra confidence while driving.

Ready for any climatic condition

Renault ARKANA is prepared for any climatic condition. Temperature setting allows to change the current temperature, will make the trip comfortable from the first minutes of driving, and the Renault START remote start system will create the necessary atmosphere in the cabin in advance.

Are you ready to continue your acquaintance with Renault ARKANA?

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