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It takes a performance car enthusiast to appreciate the beauty of Renault Sport. Sharing that same passion for performance, the Renault Sport team excels in taking already great cars into the ultimate driving experience. The very fact that you’re looking at this page means you see a car as more than just a way of getting from A to B. It has to have style, it has to have performance and it has to have street cred. The team at Renault Sport gives you all that in bucket loads.

As the specialist unit that creates Renault’s range of high-performance cars, Renault Sport has taken two of the most exciting hot hatches on the market and introduced some of the performance-enhancing DNA that Renault developed during the last century of motor sport. From the classic city-to-city races at the dawn of the automobile, through Le Mans and the Monte Carlo Rally to today’s Formula 1, Renault has always been a winner. Indeed, having enjoyed years of success in the British Touring Car Championships, the outstanding Clio Cup gave rise to the very first Clio Renault Sport vehicle, the pioneering Clio Renault Sport. Subsequent advancements of this winning design have ensured that the Clio Renault Sport has become a by-word for hot hatch supremacy.

Unsurprisingly, this impeccable racing heritage has resulted in the creation of an incomparable Renault Sport range for the 21st Century. Today’s inspiring series of high-performance vehicles includes Mégane Renault Sport and limited editions Mégane F1 Team R26 and Clio Renault F1 Team R27.

The result is a choice of high performance vehicles that take an uncompromising approach to performance and comfort, for the ultimate Renault driving experience.

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