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Discover a brand new, intuitive and innovative tablet. All in one - exclusive technology - R-Link 2 has been designed to enhance your driving experience.

Feel at ease

R-Link 2 is conveniently controlled by two-finger zoom, page scrolling, drag-and-drop, etc. All of these functions immediately response to users and optimize the usability.

With R-LINK 2:

  • TomTom 3D navigation is interacted the Vietnam map
  • R-Link 2 has been tailored for in-car use, with voice commands (navigation, phone, apps and media), text message display and the reading out loud of e-mails
  • Bluetooth® connectivity allows hands-free calls and wireless music streaming
  • Numerous connection and charging possibilities are available for all occupants
  • The touch screen display's features are completed by shortcut buttons, a multi-function rotary control on the center console and additional steering wheel-mounted controls.



R-link 2 has utilities as a smartphone or a tablet in car. The 8.7 screen locates right in the central to be reached and controlled favorably With your fingers, you enter the different menus, zooms and move the icons as you wish.

 On R-LINK 2, each user can save his/her profile of personal settings and find them in one click: choice of interior comfort, activation of driving aids, multimedia settings, and navigation, etc. Your favorite applications are put in front and easily accessible by widgets (functional windows) and the  configurable homepage.

Navigation Rlink2

Adding a new dimension to your journeys with TomTom mapping. Get a 3D display of points of interest and buildings. Finding a nice restaurant or a petrol station is just like a child's play. 

Thanks to TomTom Traffic, traffic jams are now a thing of the past! Get the best real-time traffic information.

Multimedia RLINK2

R-LINK 2 brings you the world of entertainment:

  • High quality radio, configuring and saving you favorite channels.
  • Playing audio and video by 3.5' jack and USB.
  • Viewing pictures and videos while parking.
Phone RLINK2

Synchronize R-Link 2 with your smartphone using Bluetooth and bring up your contact list on the tablet's screen.

Thanks to voice recognition, you can make calls without taking your eyes off the road.

Vehicle RLINK2

With R-LINK2, users can control every functions of the car via R-link 2. Control driving aids available on your vehicle: Lane departure warning (LDW), Safety distance warning (DW), Advanced emergency braking system (AEBS), Blind spot warning (BSW) or Easy Park Assist (EPA), etc.

Choose the indoor environment with the MULTI-SENSE feature, personalize the appearance of your meter or the luminous atmosphere of the cockpit.

With Driving ECO2, the user can drive smoothly: this function allows the user to consult the driving report of journeys and personalize advices to optimize your fuel consumption.

Applications RLINK2

With R-LINK Store®, Renault offers you a rich catalog of applications specifically designed for automobile using, including Coyote® alerts, three Michelin applications (hotels, restaurant set Travel), accessing to social networks, reading your E-mails, tweet ... You simply access the applications you have installed,and choose from the R-LINK Store new applications in the catalogue and stay connected at all times.

Discover all of the available applications.