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Duster   starting price 799,000,000 VND

MAKE YOUR DAY A BEAUTIFUL ADVENTURE Overcome every challenges with New Renault Duster Explore all the adventurous roads in the cabin of this vehicle having the most enjoyable experiences.

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New Koleos   starting price 1,419,000,000 VND
New Koleos

A bewitching crossover...Elegant with a wild side.
Behind the sophisticated lines, the power is just waiting to roar.

Imposing front grille, refined chrome details, dual personality.
Renault Koleos is an exceptional SUV in any situation

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Sedan Talisman   starting price 1,499,000,000 VND
Sedan Renault Talisman

Ấn tượng ngay từ cái nhìn đầu tiên bởi thiết kế đèn ban ngày hình chữ C độc đáo, cộng với công nghệ đèn pha LED Pure Vision® hiện đại, tỉ mỉ đến từng chi tiết với la zăng 17 inch và các đường viền mạ crom hai bên sườn xe, Renault Talisman thể hiện sự sáng tạo tinh tế ở mọi góc độ.

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New Renault Latitude   starting price 1,378,000,000 VND
New Renault Latitude

True elegance. Latitude asserts itself with a subtle, powerful silhouette… A distinctive line running over the bonnet, a bright, intense look, a new, sleeker grille boasting a modern, timeless design complemented by a comprehensive new visual LED signature on the front and rear lights, and on the side repeaters. Every aspect exudes ambition and a love of detail. The New Renault Latitude: elegance taken to new heights.

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New Logan   starting price 599,000,000 VND
New Logan
Modern design

The front face is redesigned to emphasize brand identity "Design by Renault". Soft lines on vehicle's body expresses the elegance and luxury. Interior is made of high quality material.

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Mégane R.S
Ambiance & Design

Racy exterior and interior styling of the New Mégane RS takes inspiration from the world of motor sport. The New Mégane RS exudes a distinctly sporty feel thanks to several elements that take their inspiration from Formula One. The dynamic, sweeping lines combine with details which recall the world of motor sport to give it an even more assertive character, while pointing to the promise of exhilarating on-road performance. Specifications & equipment shown may vary. 

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New Clio R.S. 200 EDC   starting price 1,100,000,000 VND
New Clio  R.S. 200 EDC

The New Renault Clio R.S. 200 EDC, inspired by the DeZir Concept car. Designed with a racing pedigree, the New Clio R.S. effortlessly combines exceptional style and high-performance emotion into one stunning package. Its dynamic curves with simple yet beautiful lines echo the futuristic design language that emanates from the DeZir. In addition to being a thrill to drive, it has distinctive style and is poised to be a favourite with the connoisseurs. There can be no doubt about it: The New Clio R.S. 200 EDC is a Renault Sport model through and through. Its F1-style front blade recalls Renault’s success in Formula One, while its diffuser and spoiler generate 80% and 20% extra downforce respectively. Also exclusive to the New Clio R.S. 200 EDC are the unique grille and spoiler, front and rear bumper, wide-set LED daytime running lights, sill extensions and 17-inch wheels, with 18-inch rims available as an option. All these elements combine to make it a genuine attention grabber. A dual-tailpipe exhaust system and a sporty sound signature round off this exclusive package.

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Sandero Stepway   starting price 669,000,000 VND
Sandero Stepway

The new Renault Sandero Stepway is the perfect balance between strength and comfort. With its dynamic front ground clearance and robust lines.It is notable for its modernity and Off road look. Its design is specially ready for big challenges inside and outside the city.

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